My first timed run in 4 years!


Posing for a picture with my idol SRT and Quaker Oats

Not only that, the 10K over the last weekend was my longest timed run ever. Having been a university level runner in 800 & 1500 m. categories, I resumed running in 2012 with a focus on endurance. Going on to participate in a couple of Puma Urban Stampedes and Decathlon runs, I was ready to take it to the next level when a hamstring injury took me out of action. Although I returned to other sporting activities like corporate cricket within a few months, running never happened again till March 2017 when I participated in Devil’s circuit. Here’s a link to that blog.

It was a big moment and something that I was nervous about. My preparation wasn’t great either but I tried to make the most of the limited time I had. Having just landed from the US on Thursday, I was jet lagged. However, I read somewhere that the best remedy to overcome the lag was to be in the outdoors. It resonated with me as I could go outdoors and run to prepare for Sunday. So, I was at Nehru Park on Friday morning doing a 11-kilometer run which was brutal. Post the run, the body showed first signs of exhaustion. Taking it into my stride, I went for our regular Saturday morning trek in the Aravalis which was fun. Saturday evenings are generally earmarked for some aerobic workout and I decided to proceed with it albeit at a slower pace. By the end of the workout, I was huffing and puffing knowing that I had pushed the body a little too much. I was now having body temperature and a heavy chest. At this point, I was unsure of my participation in the run next day. I hit the the snooze button early by 9:30 pm to get enough sleep and the decision was deferred to the next morning based on how I feel upon waking up.

The only thing that went in my favor was my diet over the last couple of days. Having a doting mother at home certainly helps in managing diet well and I had enough fuel having hogged on carbs. The day started early at 3:30 am but I wasn’t feeling any better. I decided to defer the decision even further to the race location. And if I am still feeling miserable, I could run a shorter 5K distance. You might think that I was being crazy but then I was itching to get this first run out of the way. So, I ate a lot of bananas and yogurt in the morning to cool the body down. Also, knowing that I had running buddies around was a comforting factor just in case something went wrong, people would know who I am and can figure out a way to bring me home (Lol!).

We reached the location well ahead of time. Another running buddy, Deeksha and I were running the same category. She’s a strong runner and my first goal was to keep pace with her. A few weeks ago, my goal for this run was a sub-45 having already run a couple of sub-50 training runs. However, I knew very well on the day that would have been pushing too far and we decided to board the sub-55 bus. The humidity was killing and I was sweating even before the start.

Already sweating profusely within the first kilometer of the run

I wasn’t thinking too much about the body condition for the first 5 kilometers but could sense the body temperature spiking. Another couple of kilometers and it had spiked
so much that my eyes started getting heavier. That’s when I stopped before the temperature reached boiling point. As soon as I stopped, I realized the extent to which the body had heated up when I felt smoke coming out my ears (seriously!). An apt analogy would be when the car heats up because of paucity of coolant and you turn the ignition off even though you don’t have coolant handy. Then restart the car after a few minutes and drive slowly to the closest gas station/garage 😀


That’s what I did by walking for more than a kilometer before the sub-60 bus lead by another running buddy, Karandeep arrived. Hopped on to it and just ran
at the pace set by the group.

With my running buddies Deeksha and Karandeep

The pre-run preparation or the run itself was far from ideal so, the finish had to be somewhat dramatic. Look at my celebration pictures. I was so drained that even my signature move didn’t come out right. Certainly needs fine tuning.. next time!


Honestly, I was happy that I survived this one to run another day. With an ill body, the only thing that helped me survive was a strong mind. It switches off every time I have a negative thought. However, I promise to myself that I would plan better for the future ones.

A Happy me after a grueling run!

It’s a lesson that I would learn from to prepare for my next runs. Not every time you can stretch to these limits physically. A strong body needs to support the endeavor of your mind to overcome grueling challenges.

Oh forgot to mention the most important part of this blog – Disclaimer                                    DO NOT TRY THIS ON YOUR RUNS 😀




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